Still Blessed With One Less

Mission Statement
Our organization passionately feels called to assist those affected by breast cancer. We understand research for the disease is important; however, we feel led to assist breast cancer patients and their families with the expenses the diagnosis of breast cancer can bring. These are the expenses which are usually not considered and/or under funded by other organizations. We also want to educate women and make them aware of the resources available regarding breast cancer. Our prayer is that we can help families with the burden the diagnosis of breast cancer can bring.

Every year almost 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. In January of 2009, I was one of them.

Little did I know how the words, "you have breast cancer" would change my life... forever.


































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Donations Welcome

"Still" Blessed with One Less uses all proceeds to help families in Cooke County affected by breast cancer. We assist with expenses of daily living such as utilities, housing and travel expenses while going through treatment. We also assist uninsured and underinsured women in finding resources for medical exams, (breast), and mammograms.

Our organization is funded by fund raisers, selling various crafts, and the gracious donations of those who feel led to assist us in our mission. We welcome any size donation, large or small.

If you would like to help, please follow the donation link. A tax reciept is provided upon request.